In this busy schedule the most important thing which we lack is time. And as time passes we do not realize when we start ageing. There are multiple anti ageing creams available in the market. But I am not here to promote any one of them rather I will be helping you out with the different tips(exercises) which you can do to keep your face in shape and glow in shape.

There are fifty muscles in the face and these muscles are rarely used. Regular facial exercise promotes blood circulation throughout the face muscles which inturn supplies enough oxygen to the muscles and skin. Below listed are a few exercises which if you do 3-5 times a week for 15-20 minutes in total will help you keep young.

1. Brow raiser– This is a very good exercise to help you fight aging. Place your fingers (index and Middle finger) on your eyebrows and lift it up for say 10-15 times daily.

how to tighten face skin naturally at home

2. Wink and Hold– you need to wink from one eye and hold it for say 5-6 seconds and repeat this alternatively on both eyes for 10-15 times.


3. Cheekbone lift– Use both index and middle finger to lift the cheek skin up. Then open the mouth to give the resistance. Hold on this position for 3-5 secs.

facial exercises for cheeks

4. Cheek plumping– This comes in multi-steps.
1) Start smiling slowly with lips closed
2) Now try to extend your smile by stretching your lips to max position
3) Now try to display your upper teeth
4) Hold at this position for a few seconds and then try to go to a normal position slowly
5) repeat this 5-10 times daily

facial exercises for cheeks

5. Cheek squeeze– Below are the steps to do it.
1) Take your head to the back position
2) Push the chin forward
3) Suck you cheeks to be in a duck or fish face
4) Hold yourself at this position for 5-6 secs and repeat it for 8-10 times

facial exercises for cheeks

6. The Giraffe– This workout is good for Chin and Neck. Below are the steps.
1) Type1Lift your neck and Bring your head down towards your chest, Repeat this for 5-6 times daily.
2) Place your fingers on the collar bone and your chin pointed upwards. Hold at this position taking deep breaths.

exercise for face slimming

I hope you have liked the above tips. Please feel free to ask any questions related to the above topic. You can leave your questions, queries and feedback in the comment box.

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