The normal body temperature is said to be 98.6 F. For an average adult, the average body temperature is between 97 F to 99 F. However this range is higher for children- 97 F to 100 F. Usually, our autonomic nervous system keeps our body within the normal range.

If you are looking on tips on how to increase your body temperature then you are at the right place. Herein I will share some valuable tips.

foods that increase body temperature

Which foods increase body temperature?

Foods that increase body temperature

Ginger– It has the thermogenic property which helps in keeping our body warm. The most popular is ginger tea.
Brown rice– It has complex carbs which are harder to digest and make the body warm in the process
Green Tea– It has thermogenic properties and helps in producing some heat in your body to burn the fat and keep you warm.
Cayenne pepper– When you eat a pepper which is spicy, it raises the body temperature. When your body’s temperature rises, your body goes into a cooldown mode.
Garlic– It has the thermogenic property which helps in keeping our body warm. Put it in any soup when you are feeling cold.
How can I make my body warm?

Tips to keep yourselves warm in winter

Put your clothes into the dryer for a short cycle– Well this will definitely not last for long but it’s an idea you may consider to start with.
Eat calories– Your body needs enough calories to burn and keep it warm.
Wear socks– wearing socks during winter keeps your feet warm.
Dress in layers– Start with thermal wear inside then a shirt long sleeves and then a jacket or windcheater.
Use room heater– It’s a good way to keep your room warm during winters.
Spice up your food– I would recommend it to you only if you have no problem with the stomach. It’s a good way to increase body temperature. Eat some spicy food or have some chilly added in your soup.
Do some physical activity– Go for a jog or walk or do a warm-up. Go hit the gym. At least do pushups at home. It will not only keep your body warm but also help muscle growth.
Buy special winter shoes– Make sure your shoes are well insulated. It will protect you from the cold outside.

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