This is a very interesting topic which comes into the mind of the different age groups of people- whether it be a student or a gym pro or a common man. Understanding digestion is a very technical process but we will try to understand it on a higher basic level.

how are fats digested in our body

What is digestion? This is the process of breaking large insoluble molecules of food into smaller soluble molecules which can be absorbed by the bloodstream. This entire process uses multiple enzymes and digestive fluids including saliva, mucus, bile, and hydrochloric acid.

Where does digestion of fats take place in our body

How are fats digested where do they get digested? Below given are the four basic stages of digestion-

1) After food is taken through the mouth it’s chewed and then transferred to the small intestine for digestion.
2) In the small intestine the nutrients from the food are absorbed and transferred to the bloodstream via pores.
3) The leftover undigested food is transferred to the large intestine where reabsorption of any unprocessed nutrients takes place.
4)The remaining unprocessed food is transferred out of the body as a waste product(stool).

Role of enzymes in digestion– Our body has mainly three types of digestive enzymes.

1) Amylase – It helps in breaking down starch and carbs into sugar.

2) Protease – breaks protein into amino acids.

3) Lipase – breaks fats into glycerol and fatty acids.

How does the human digestive system break down fat

What food helps digest fats? If we include these in our diet it will help in digestion- Ginger, Capsaicin, peppers and curcumin.

what helps digest fats
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